About Michael Gasser

Michael Gasser was trained in a traditional timber workshop right in the heart of Switzerland. He learned the traditional skills of woodcraft, which is handed down for centuries and rare to find in today’s commercial environment. His area of expertise includes:

  • Fine inlay work requiring weeks of intense labour and concentration.
  • Wood turning
  • Handmade timber joints
  • Bend and form boards and timber
  • Customised wood furniture
  • Decorative wood surfaces

Michael’s successful completion of his training and studies earnt him the Swiss qualification of Diploma in Woodwork. He is also proud of his achievements over the last seven years where he established his own successful business.

Michael might now call Australia home, but he has brought his unique and precise workmanship from Switzerland to create some of the finest timber pieces in Victoria. With his interest and open mind to other cultures he is also specialising in Japanese screens (Shoji screens).

Michael’s experience, his wealth of skills and knowledge combined with his passion to woodcraft is your ideal one-stop-shop for any woodcraft projects of any size.